Thursday, June 9, 2011

LOTUS Pineapple Juice

LOTUS Pineapple Juice: Made right here in Puerto Rico, this is the perfect juice for making the famous PiƱa Colada drink together with COCO LOPEZ Cream of Coconut. When a Boricua wants pineapple juice, it's LOTUS or nothing!

LOTUS Pineapple Juice: 7.1 oz can for $.89 at Boricua Goodies!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

GOYA Sazon with Saffron

GOYA Sazon with Saffron: Abuela's secret to a delicious colored rice. GOYA's special blend of seasonings infuses rice, beans, stews and soups with authentic Boricua flavor. GOYA Sazon with Saffron was never missing from your Abuela's kitchen...make sure it's never missing from yours either!

Si es GOYA, tiene que ser bueno!

GOYA Sazon with Saffron: $2.19 at Boricua Goodies

Dulzura Borincana Sugar Free Sesame Seed Candy

Love traditional candies but need to watch your sugar intake? Dulzura Boricana thought of you when creating their Sugar Free Sesame Seed Candy. Because of their commitment to bringing you the best, these candies are lightly sweetened with stevia. That's right, NO artificial sweeteners! And with 4 grams of heart healthy Omega-3, you can treat yourself everyday and feel good about it. So stop depriving yourself and stock up on delicious Sugar Free Sesame Seed Candy from Dulzura Borincana!

Dulzura Borincana: seduce tu paladar!

Dulzura Borincana Sugar Free Sesame Seed Candy: $5.99 at Boricua Goodies

Caribas Platanutres

Caribas Platanutres, a delicious traditional snack made with thinly sliced plantains fried into a crispy chip and lightly salted. Our 5 oz bag is large enough to share with friends...or not! And since it's made by Frito Lay, freshness is guaranteed until the date on the bag!

Caribas Platanutres: $3.99 at Boricua Goodies

Friday, June 3, 2011

MAGA Cream Of Oat Cereal

MAGA Cream Of Oat Cereal is your solution to the "What's for breakfast?" dilemma. Just add 1 cup of milk and 4 tbsp of MAGA Cream Of Oat Cereal to a saucepan and stir while heating. In less than 2 minutes, you have a creamy breakfast with 3g of heart-healthy fiber per serving (1/2 cup). Even if your kids don't like regular oatmeal, they will love the smooth texture of MAGA Cream Of Oat Cereal. Take a canister to the office to make a quick mid-morning snack in the microwave!

MAGA Ama lo Mejor!

MAGA Cream Of Oat Cereal: $3.99 at Boricua Goodies