Tuesday, May 31, 2011

COCO LOPEZ Cream of Coconut

COCO LOPEZ Cream of Coconut was invented by Ramón López Irizarry, who was a professor of agriculture at the University of Puerto Rico. This creation became the base of the world famous "Piña Colada" drink. COCO LOPEZ Cream of Coconut is also delicious to use in recipes like flan and coconut shrimp.

If you've never tried a Piña Colada, try one today! But make sure it's made with COCO LOPEZ Cream of Coconut to enjoy the original, the perfect Piña Colada from Puerto Rico.

COCO LOPEZ Cream of Coconut: $2.99 at Boricua Goodies

Salchichas CARMELA

CARMELA chicken sausages: no other sausage will do except the best. This is THE sausage for rice, scrambled eggs or just eating straight from the can with soda crackers! Because if it's not CARMELA, it's the wrong sausage!

Por donde quiera se cuela CARMELA!

Salchichas CARMELA: only $1.29 at Boricua Goodies!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Malta INDIA: a genuine non-alcoholic malt beverage made right in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. It has been the favorite malt drink for over seven decades due to its smooth and refreshing taste. Malta INDIA is crafted with the finest ingredients to create its unmistakable taste and superior quality. Try it today, and you'll see why Puerto Rico's #1 malt beverage is Malta INDIA!

Malta INDIA: $4.99 6pk at Boricua Goodies


FLORECITAS: small crispy cookies topped with a deliciously sweet sugar flower. Fun for snacking and sharing with friends. Pop open a can of FLORECITAS and relive your childhood memories.

FLORECITAS, a gem of a cookie!

Galletas FLORECITAS: $5.99 at Boricua Goodies

Sunday, May 29, 2011


YAUCONO Coffee, the classic Boricua beverage for over 100 years. Careful selection and preparation of fine coffee beans creates the perfect roast flavor, smooth and balanced with a tempting aroma to waken your senses in the morning. And it couldn't be easier to make. Add 2 tbsp of YAUCONO coffee for every cup of boiling water. Percolate and serve.

Discover Puerto Rico. Discover YAUCONO coffee.

YAUCONO Coffee: $6.49 lb at Boricua Goodies

MAGA Adobo Pollochon

MAGA Adobo Pollochon is a delicious blend of salt, garlic, oregano, pepper and parsley. It contains no artificial ingredents and is lower in salt than regular adobo! Sprinkle over meats and fish before cooking or add to beans and stew for more flavor. To make pollochon, just mix 1/2 tbsp of MAGA Adobo Pollochon with one tbsp of olive oil for each pound of chicken. Rub the chicken and bake for a tasty dinner!

MAGA only selects the finest ingredents of the highest quality for their products. This is why MAGA won the Quality Excellence Prize from the Association of Products of Puerto Rico in 2005. Try it today! More spices, less salt!

MAGA Adobo Pollochon: $2.59 at Boricua Goodies